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Do you know the Tree House and its swing with a view on the Tungurahua volcano?

Do you know the Tree House and its swing with a view on the Tungurahua volcano?


During your stay in the blessed city of Baños de Agua Santa, one of the most visited touristic attractions is the famous "Casa Del Árbol" (The Tree House).    

This place began as a surveillance center during the beginning of the eruptive activity of the Tungurahua Volcano in 1999. Its owner, Mr. Carlos Sánchez, built a house in a tree to spot the volcano's explosions, listen to its noises and give a first report to the authorities. Later, the Geophysical Institute ( installed a monitoring station for the Tungurahua Volcano and the place became popular, where from the year 2000 the influx of tourists began.
Later in 2014 the photo taken in the "Tree House" by Hacker Teper (, won the Traveler Photo Contest organized by National Geographic, going around the world.
In fact, in this place, we have a spectacular view of the Tungurahua Volcano and you can take very nice photos for the souvenir, and if you are lucky ... you will be able to take photos similar to this when the volcano was erupting! ðŸŒ‹
Indeed, on the site, you can admire the crater just 2.5 kms in a straight line.

The "Casa Del Arbol" is located about 20 minutes by transport from the La Floresta Hotel ðŸ�¨

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The Sean Hacker Teper's "End of the World" photo earned a mention in the 2014 Traveler Photo Constest. Photo Credits: National Geographic

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